Apr 18, 2021

How to fix the problem of not working key repeating in CodeSandbox's Vim key binding.

I usually use CodeSandbox to write some front-end code, but I had a small problem with it, so this article is about how to fix it.

Problem: Not working key repeating in CodeSandbox's Vim key binding

I usually use vim when writing code, so as you might expect, I use vim key bindings on CodeSandbox as well.

When I set up Vim key bindings, key repeating stopped working, and even if I held down the j key, the cursor didn't move down, and I had to hit the key repeatedly to move it, which was very annoying.

How to fix

Run command in your termnal.

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool false

It seems that the current CodeSandbox inherits the settings of VSCode, and when I want to use Vim Keybinding in VSCode, I need to change the Mac settings in the terminal, but I can't do that in CodeSandbox because the conditions for using the terminal seem to be limited.

Setting for VSCode is written in here

It seems that Mac has a mechanism to set the behavior of each application when a key is held, but in order to enable key repetition, I need to disable this setting ApplePressAndHoldEnabled.

In VSCode, I was able to disable the setting by running command in local terminal but I couldn't do the same thing in CodeSandbox so I turned off the global setting of ApplePressAndHoldEnabled once. (It is necesary to reboot your computer to apply the setting)

If there is any problem, you can turn it back on, so I have turned off the global setting as a workaround.

defaults write -g ApplePressAndHoldEnabled -bool true

I tried setting it up to target Chrome and it didn't work, so I guess I need a bit more additional settings to limit the scope.

This may not seem like much of a problem, but I hope you will be able to use it with caution since you will be changing the global settings.





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  • Problem: Not working key repeating in CodeSandbox's Vim key binding
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