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I am a Freelance Engineer.

Mainly, I am developing with React, React Native and Ruby on Rails. I help my clients which have their web servie to develop their application.

I have been working as a web engineer for about 5 years and I'm involved in a many kinds of Projects. I am interested in many kinds of technolody so I am happy to do even works I' am not familier with. I can write code in Front-End and Back-End. I can also make system which has unclear specification while consulting. I am good at developing and designing through entire sysytem rather than I specialize a special feield.

When I did full-time work, I have worked as a leader of small team and worked with indonesian and mongolian developes locally.


Server Side Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node, Express, Laravel
Front End React,React Native, Redux, Vue, Vuex, Webapck, JQuery
Infra・DB MySQL, PostgresSQL, Linux, Docker, Nginx, Kuberenetes, Ansible, Apache
Others VBA, Git


  • Implemented Chat Fucntion with Firebase Realtime Database and React(also Vue.js) from scratch
  • Developed functions realted to CtoC service (functions for admin, fucions fo trade and review etc...)
  • Dockernized development environment (Rails + Sidekiq + MySQL + Vue)
  • Have a experience of review team members' code
  • Write automation deploy scripts with gradle and bash
  • Have a experience of directioning to offshore team.
  • Worked as a leader of small team.Have some experiences of directioning, assigining tasks etc..



This blog is implemented by Gatsby and Netlify.

Gatsby is library for building static site and I am hosting that code on the Netlify. I designed UI and wrote code and wrote articles by myself.

technology: React, Gatsby, Sass, Netlify, CloudFlare, AWS S3

React Snake Game

Snake Game implemented by React. Following video is it.

Site is HERE

repository https://github.com/version-1/react-snake-game

npm package | react-native-various-form


npm library.

This pakckage help you to impement form with validate. This provides that form and some components.



@version1( https://twitter.com/version1_2017 )