Jan 01, 2019



    I am a Freelance Developer.

    Mainly, I am developing with React, React Native and Ruby on Rails. I help my clients which have their web servie to develop their application.

    I have been working as a web engineer for about 5 years and I'm involved in a many kinds of Projects. I am interested in many kinds of technolody so I am happy to do even works I' am not familier with. I can write code in Front-End and Back-End. I can also make system which has unclear specification while consulting. I am good at developing and designing through entire sysytem rather than I specialize a special feield.

    When I did full-time work, I have worked as a leader of small team and worked with indonesian and mongolian developes locally.


    Server Side

    Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Node, Express, Laravel

    Front End

    React,React Native, Redux, Vue, Vuex


    AWS EC2/RDS/Cloud Front/S3/Route53/Cloud Watch, MySQL, PostgresSQL, Linux, Docker, Redis, Nginx, Elastic Search, Kuberenetes, Firebase


    React Native, Circle CI, Github Action, Git


    • Implemented Chat Fucntion with Firebase Realtime Database and React(also Vue.js) from scratch
    • Developed functions realted to CtoC service (functions for admin, fucions fo trade and review etc...)
    • Dockernized development environment (Rails + Sidekiq + MySQL + Vue)
    • Have a experience of review team members' code
    • Write automation deploy scripts with gradle and bash
    • Have a experience of directioning to offshore team.
    • Worked as a leader of small team.Have some experiences of directioning, assigining tasks etc..



    This blog is implemented by Gatsby and Netlify.

    Gatsby is library for building static site and I am hosting that code on the Netlify. I designed UI and wrote code and wrote articles by myself.

    Technology: React, Gatsby, Sass, Netlify, CloudFlare, AWS S3

    Markdown Memo Application Papyrus

    I am developing markdown memo application as if you use flyer. This is on beta release.


    Technology: React, Electron, Go, Next.js

    React Snake Game

    Snake Game implemented by React. Following video is it.

    Site is HERE

    repository https://github.com/version-1/react-snake-game

    npm package | react-native-various-form


    npm library.

    This pakckage help you to impement form with validate. This provides that form and some components.



    @version1( https://twitter.com/version1_2017 )




    バンクーバー在住のフルスタックエンジニアです。React, Ruby on Rails, Go などでお仕事しています。職場がトロントなので日本、トロント、バンクーバーの三つの時天空を操って生活しています。


    • Introduction
    • Technolody
    • Accomplishments
    • Works
    • Blog
    • Markdown Memo Application Papyrus
    • React Snake Game
    • npm package | react-native-various-form
    • SNS